This is the website of Purdue Student Government Senator Zach Stewart, who represents the College of Liberal Arts. Senator Stewart sits on PSG's Internal Affairs committee, and is also a PSG representative on the University Senate's Parking & Traffic subcommittee.


"Most students don't know about PSG, who their senators are, what we do, or how to get involved. That needs to change... otherwise, why have a student government? In particular, communication is key to an effective governing body that works for its constituents. I am personally committed to being open and reachable and encourage my colleagues to do the same."


"An efficient and accountable government is crucial to serving and advocating on behalf of the undergraduate student body. I look forward to serving on the Internal Affairs committee to keep the Purdue Student Government FOR the students."


"In a STEM world, the Liberal Arts need a voice too. I will promote and advocate on behalf of my college and constituents."

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A special


A special message from Senator Zach Stewart

"In the spirit of good communication and an approachable student government, I created this website to serve as a portal for information. In addition to being my personal senate website, this site will include the Purdue Student Government's governing documents, senate schedules, legislation, and contact information."

"If you find outdated information, have suggestions for additions or improvements, or have questions, please feel free to reach out to me."



special Programs

liberal arts

Learn more about some of the great programs the College of Liberal Arts provides


The College of Liberal Arts offers the opportunity for students to complete their degree in three years. Degree in Three majors allow students to enter the workforce or graduate school a year earlier than traditional plans of study while also providing a cost-effective way to complete an undergraduate degree. Learn more here.


Degree+ offers a streamlined path for students to complete a degree from the College of Liberal Arts, without needing to fulfill the Liberal Arts core curriculum, along with a degree from another academic area. Learn more here.


Cornerstone is an integrated 15 credit hour certificate program designed for all Purdue undergraduates, providing students with an alternative road map to navigate the University's core curriculum. It gives all Purdue students the ability to obtain a Liberal Arts education, or at least a taste of the Liberal Arts, without necessarily pursuing an addition degree. Learn more here.




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NOTE: This is the Spring 2019 semester schedule. The Fall 2019 schedule will be updated once it has been made available.


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